GoodlifeUSA’s private travel and lifestyle club gives you access to booking engine with the best prices on hotels, luxury resort condos, vacations, dining, entertainment and more.

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Good Life USA

Key Features

Commission System, Travel Portal, Membership, Zendesk Ticketing System


Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Node.JS, HTML5, Shopify, Zendesk


Goodlifeusa is an online booking platform which allows users to become part of club by paying a membership fee. Depending on the subscription level, users get discounted prices on booking of hotels and travel fair. The client didn’t want just another booking website rather a comprehensive one stop portal which would entertain a large audience. So the system had to be built on a stable and futuristic framework and Laravel was our choice. System required several 3rd party APIs, different payment gateways and multiple packages. Our team took up the challenge and delivered a stable release while the portal is still evolving bringing new interesting challenges to the team.

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