Our application allows families to easily share pictures and messages with the residents in real-time

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Senior Lynk

Key Features

Phone Number Assignment, Cloud-Based Client Portal, Message system, Medication Reminders ,Manage Community Screens, Do Not Disturb Mode


PHP, Yii1, MySQL, Twilio API Integration, REST API development

Senior Lynk

Our streamlined design and one-way communication is focused on allowing ALFs and families to connect with the residents in a quick and simple way. The SeniorLynk application is installed on a TV screen or tablet in the resident’s room, where wired or wireless Internet connects the device to the SeniorLynk cloud service.

There are two ways to send messages to residents. Using the device’s phone number, family and staff can send messages directly from their mobile phones, just like they do today. Second, staff can send messages using the client portal. Photos and text messages will be displayed on the resident’s screen in real-time. ALF administrators have access to an online client portal to manage the service. They can send messages from the portal, schedule messages for display at a later date/time, view stats and reports, and manage all the great features.

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