ERP Software

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ERP Software

Thumbsol provides the most deployed ERP Solution(s) that are used across different countries. Business insights with continuous reporting and investigation equip organization with truth, faster decision making and ignite better.

ERP solution offers modern, scalable solution which can be backbone of your business in automating and supporting all business processes. Due to unique business process and requirements, technology demands descriptive functionality. ERP ties connecting all modules and provides better visibility to operations. ERP software solutions are built with deep functionality that allows customizing more closely to our business processes.

Its exclusive focus is on development, implementation, and support of fully integrated ERP softwares system. The ERP selection process is very important stage to handle financial and operational success of any manufacturing organization.


  • Project Management
  • Business and Application consulting
  • Training
  • Data Migration
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Managed Infra-Structure
  • Software As A Service – SAAS


Its effectiveness can drive huge improvements in organization:

  • Assist to define your business process and ensuring complexity of supply chain
  • Protecting critical business data via security and well-defined roles.
  • Allows planning work load based on orders and forecasts
  • Providing high-level service to your customers
  • Transforming your data into decision making information
  • Integration across all business processes
  • Automation enhances productivity
  • Increase overall performance
  • Quality reports and Performance Analysis

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